Project management

pmAt RedBlack Software we pride ourselves in our project management skills. Thorough planning and risk analysis mean our clients enjoy a smooth implementation of their customised solution. This process involves six pain-free phases:

Project definition
At the start of the project we sit down with our customer to clarify the precise scope of their solution and its exclusions. We identify the project’s constraints, key assumptions and external dependencies and clearly designate everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Between us we establish the criteria by which the new solution will be judged a success.
Risk assessment
All potential threats to the project’s success are considered and rated as to their likelihood and impact and we identify actions to minimise their risks. Contingency plans can then be developed if appropriate.
Project planning
Between RedBlack Software and our customer, we draw up a project plan that sets out all the actions that are needed in a logical sequence with due dates. This can be quite detailed for a large project, so key milestones are also defined as checkpoints in the plan.
Project management
The actions in the plan are regularly reviewed and updated, with revisions if necessary, in regular reports on the project’s key achievements and on any concerns.
Change management
Any requested changes to the scope or specification of a solution are documented with cost estimates and timescale implications so that our customer can decide whether to proceed.
Post-implementation review
Our post-implementation review takes place at least one month but not more than six months after our customer goes live with their solution. Its purpose is to evaluate the outcome of the project against its original success criteria and to put in place actions for any issues that may be outstanding.