RedBlack Software launches Cybake Fi to completely remove FIR-compliance headaches

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014, YORK/LONDON, UK – RedBlack Software today launches Cybake Fi, a new software solution for bakers and other food manufacturers that ensures their compliance with the new Food Information Regulations (FIR).

The new FIR rules (also known under their EU acronym, FIC) start to come into force in December, 2014. To deal with them, Cybake Fi holds ingredient specification data, links it to finished product recipes and transmits the correct FIR-compliant food information to its users’ labels, ePOS tills and websites.

RedBlack is unveiling Cybake Fi (the Fi stands for food information) today at lunch!, the expo for the food-to-go sector at the Business Design Centre, London, which runs from September 23-24.

Jane Tyler, managing director of RedBlack Software, says: “In response to requests from Cybake’s users, we have undertaken 12 months of consultation and development with food industry organisations and experts. The result, Cybake Fi, is the first of its kind and completely removes the headache of FIR compliance.”

Cybake Fi is a cloud-based service delivered via the internet, so it requires no installation. Users can choose between Standard, Retail, Wholesale or Premium versions depending on their operation. Management and staff then access their firm’s food information from any internet-connected device, be it a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Real-time changes are available across all elements of the system and the instant a recipe is altered, users can be confident that the food information that is being provided to their customers is accurate and up-to-date.

Product recipes, allergen lists, nutritional analysis and ingredient declarations are quick and simple to create and readily available to anyone who needs them. A single point of data input means that there’s minimal chance of human error.

All food information can be referred to and checked by production, kitchen and head-office departments with an extremely easy-to-use, easy-to-understand user interface.

Industry-firsts include a unique allergens library provided by the University of Manchester and Checked/Allergen/Nutritional (CAN) traffic-light-style alerts to ensure the compliance of all finished products.

Jane Tyler says: “FIR has created quite a stir in the market. There is confusion and anxiety about how these changes affect firms and what their ramifications may be. To address these questions, we have added a new food information centre to the Cybake website today which aims to clarify what bakers and other players in the food industry need to know.”

Cybake’s new food information centre can be found at: .

Cybake Fi is the latest addition to York-based RedBlack Software’s Cybake suite of solutions. These include the bakery management solution Cybake itself, shop control system Cybake Touch and Cybake Loyalty, its smartphone-based customer loyalty app launched earlier this year.


RedBlack managing director Jane Tyler and sales executive Sarah King demo Cybake Fi at the lunch! expo
RedBlack managing director Jane Tyler and sales executive Sarah King demo Cybake Fi at the lunch! expo


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