SG Systems – formula weighing & lot traceability

sgV5 Terminal

Prevent operator scaling errors and eliminate bad batches with the Formula Control & Lot Traceability System from SG Systems, LLC.

The Ultimate in Batch Control & Paperless Traceability guaranteed to satisfy customer traceability audits.


At RedBlack Software, we understand that poor production control and lack of real-time factory floor data can reduce the profitability of a manufacturing business from between 2-6%.

That’s why we have partnered with Texas-based SG systems to bring you the most advanced Formula Weighing & Lot Traceability System available on the market today.

Available with an optional software interface – it can connect to your existing IT systems. This interface empowers MRP / ERP with real-time information relating to inventory and production usage.

The rugged terminals network to a central server so your data has maximum security.

dashboardSystem Design Features

  • Touch screen operation
  • +/- Ingredient Tolerances
  • Unlimited ingredients, recipes and users
  • Excel Reports
  • Label Printer & Scanner Options
  • Inventory Control Software available
  • Bulk Ingredient Control Options
  • End of Line Labeling Options

Available with many options designed to meet the needs of a broad range of manufacturers, our principle modules include:

Inventory Management

  • Receive, move, withdraw, quarantine and label inbound inventory.
  • Allocate finished batches to sales orders, pick stock, label pallets and shipping.

Production Scheduling

  • Create formulas from a central point, allocate default production areas, schedule production, assign inventory to production.
  • Traceability reports support all aspects of the production formulation process.

Formula Weighing Control

  • Schedule formulas to default areas. Operators select from required batches and weigh each ingredient to a set target weight.
  • Scan received inventory labels to automatically deduct inventory in real time (perpetual inventory).

Comprehensive Traceability

  • Comprehensive reports complement the world’s most up-to-date traceability solution.
  • You can be certain to find data fromcritical production floor activity and be free of traceability ‘grey areas’ and assumptions.

Production & Usage

  • See the who, what and when details regarding the batches as well as know how well the operator performed.
  • Obtain real-time ingredient usage information to empower you with the data you need.
  • When 98% isn’t good enough, you need SG Systems’ Recipe Control Solution!

Inventory Management

  • Track ingredients all the way through the receiving, batch production and shipping operations. Recalling ingredients takes seconds with the SG Systems Traceability Solution.
  • Gain visibility on supplier performance based on yields taken from real events on the production floor.

SG Systems – Complete confidence in Traceability & Formulation control!