Instore™ – sales based ordering for retail bakers, in-store bakeries and food-to-go-operators


Cut waste and increase revenue with the power of prediction

Cybake Instore is a sales-based ordering and production system for retail bakers, supermarket in-store bakeries and food-to-go operators that cuts waste and increases takings.

Major clothing and food retailer M&S uses the application in all  of its in-store bakeries in the UK.

Cybake Instore solves the age-old dilemma faced by all bakers and food-to-go operators: make or stock too much and you throw money in the bin at the end of the day; make or stock too little and you run out of goods early on and miss out on sales.

Instore takes historical sales data direct from EPOS systems to calculate orders and production waves in a way that is not practical manually. Waste is cut and sales are increased as Instore’s predictions are far more accurate than those made by shop managers.

Instore corrects staff assumptions about customers’ purchasing decisions. The application takes historical sales and usage data for items – or item-components such as sandwich fillers – to predict future order quantities.

In addition, Instore provides reconciliation of what was delivered with what was actually sold through the tills, highlighting any variances between the two. This, for example, helps to control sandwich filling portion sizes.

In supermarket in-store bakeries, Instore helps make the best use of space. It is easier for staff to keep to the correct minimum display quantities (MDQs) on shelves. Similarly, Instore can help to measure the success in terms of sales and waste of bakery products in aisle-ends and secondary display units outside the bakery area.

Instore’s predictive powers work equally well with in-store bakeries that bake from scratch as well as those that bake from frozen. And, of course, those that do both.

Instore is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution with no need for new hardware or technical expertise.

It works on any web-connected device – PC or tablet. Automated backups and security come as part of the service.

Cybake Instore users report waste reductions of anywhere between 3% and 5% as well as increased turnover, reduced administration and greater stock control.

 If you would like either an online or face-to-face demo to find out how you could join them, get in touch. Give us a ring on 01904 622888 or drop us a line at and we will show you the power of prediction.

 Alternatively, find out more on the Cybake website.

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