Infood® – food information made easy (FIC/EU No 1169/2011)


Infood ® communicates FIC-compliant allergen and nutritional information to labels, till receipts and websites, plus it generates product specification documents.

The recipe-based application arranges ingredients lists, tagging and converting allergens into bold and calculating both front- and back-of-pack nutrition tables in line with EU No 1169/2011.

Infood is cloud-based: connect to your Infood account via a browser on any web-enabled device – PC, EPoS till, mobile, tablet – at any time.

Easy to use, Infood includes over 5000 ingredients in its supplier-contributed libraries (McCance and Widdowson, Bakels, Dawn Foods etc) for rapid recipe calculation.

Infood comes in four packages to suit the size/nature of your operation: Infood Allergen Tracker, Infood Retail, Infood Wholesale and Infood Premium.

To find out more, check out our Infood-dedicated website.