Infood® – allergen and nutrition information system

Infood® is the quick and easy way to comply with the UK’s Food Information Regulations (FIR or FIC/EU No 1169/2011).

InfoodBy automatically arranging ingredients lists, tagging and converting allergens into bold, and calculating both front and back of pack nutrition tables, Infood ensures that the food information you produce is fully compliant with FIR legislation.

Infood is the only solution that can take food information direct from recipes and feed it straight through to labels, EPoS tills, till receipts, websites and specification documents. This saves huge amounts of time and effort by removing the need for manual calculations of recipes and recipe composition.

Automated allergen tagging 

Automatic allergen alerts are built into new recipe creation. This is a failsafe way to ensure that the rules on allergens are always followed and any allergens used are always highlighted to the consumer. Just a few clicks automatically updates labels across your entire product range.


Infood is a cloud-based solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. You and your staff can connect to your Infood account via a browser on any web-enabled device – PC, EPoS till, mobile, tablet – at any time.

Over 5000 product allergens

Infood includes reference libraries from McCance and Widdowson and ingredient suppliers with over 4500 typical nutritional values for common ingredients and finished products. With this constantly updated encyclopedic resource, “hidden” allergens (such as the sulphites commonly found in dried fruits) are highlighted and errors are eliminated, with no costly product recalls.

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Infood comes in four low-cost packages:

Infood® Allergen Tracker

Infood Allergens Tracker is for smaller food retailers that provide only loose products and therefore do not require recipe management, nutritional information, labelling or product specification data.

Allergen information is provided to your customers via our standardised Allergen Matrix either electronically or in printed form. Infood Allergens Tracker also comes complete with a single API key which can be used to link to a single till or website to provide printed allergen information on till receipts or via web catalogues.

Infood® Retailer

Infood Retail is for retailers that produce and sell mainly loose or unwrapped products on-site direct to the customer. Infood Retail provides recipe, allergen, QUID and nutritional functionality along with six EPoS API keys to integrate up to six tills (additional API keys can be purchased).

Now, when your customers ask for food information about specific products, your staff can quickly print allergen and ingredient lists using their EPoS tills and receipt printers. Infood’s Retail’s EPoS API provides compliant, accurate and up-to-the minute information for your staff and customers and removes the risk of providing inaccurate information by word-of-mouth.

Infood® Wholesale

Infood Wholesale is for food wholesalers that produce and supply mainly wrapped products offsite to other businesses. Infood Wholesale provides recipe, allergen, QUID and nutritional functionality along with a labelling API key to integrate labelling systems and produce product specifications.

Infood’s Wholesale’s labelling API integrates with all major labelling applications including Bartender, Clarisoft, EasyLabel and SATO. It completely removes the need to manually enter recipe data from a recipe system onto your labelling system – saving you time, money and removing the risk of mislabelling and product recalls.

Infood® Premium

Infood Premium provides all the functionality of Infood Allergens Tracker, Infood Retail and Infood Wholesale for businesses who sell both loose and wrapped products either directly or via other food business operators.

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