Cybake™ – the ultimate bakery management system

cybakeCybake is the market-leading bakery management solution used by British and Irish craft bakers to adapt, innovate and thrive in today’s tough market. Stop struggling with spreadsheets. Say goodbye to guesswork. Streamline your back office with your shop floor, your shops, your deliveries and beyond.

Cybake gives you full visibility throughout your business to improve processes, minimise waste and boost profits. Better reporting and analysis provide greater insight into your bottom-line. Modernised recipe management, stock control and purchasing deliver true control over costs, traceability and food-standards compliance.

Simon-Thomas-and-Jane-Tyler-in-shopSimon Thomas MD of Thomas the Bakers with Jane Tyler MD of RedBlack Software

For retail bakers, real-time management reports tell you which shops are performing, what products are profitable and where waste can be reduced. Improved, more accurate, ordering, cuts down dramatically on data re-entry, errors and waste. Transparent costs make it easier to analyse and adjust production processes.

Boost profits, control production, cut costs

A tailored and modular approach means smooth integration with your current systems at the same time as making sure you only pay for what you need. Cybake is Windows-based and is easy to use and easy to operate for your employees.

Cybake has delivered proven results and cost savings for our customers for 18 years. We understand the bakery business and we are constantly developing our software to meet its challenges today and tomorrow. Cybake enhances operations in these key areas:

  • processing
  • recipe management
  • invoicing and delivery notes
  • production reports
  • sales ledger
  • management reports
  • stock control and purchasing
  • shop management
  • EPOS and weighing systems integration
  • deliveries
  • EDI
  • web-based ordering

To learn more, see the Cybake website.

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