BakePlan – production forecasting for in-store bakeries

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Make the right fresh food at the best times

From our sister company BakePlan Software, BakePlan is a production forecasting system that cuts waste, increases sales and improves availability for in-store bakeries and food-to-go operations. BakePlan tells in-store bakery staff the best combination of products to bake at the right times via tablets or mobiles. Using advanced data analytics and machine learning, BakePlan adjusts its suggestions according to the day’s trading patterns.

BakePlan is a cloud-based solution proven to work with SAP, Oracle and many other ERP and EPOS systems. It analyses historical/live sales and usage data to calculate production waves throughout the day in a way that is not practical manually. Staff assumptions about consumer preferences (i.e. trade offs/most preferred alternatives) are corrected and each production wave is optimised for maximum potential sales. This can cut waste by at least 20%.

With BakePlan’s predictions, in-store bakery staff are guided through each day’s peaks and troughs of demand. This means that products are fresher throughout the day, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Most retailers have no means of monitoring compliance to food production plans, i.e. ensuring that staff make the products that the business needs them to make. BakePlan has been designed so that bakery staff not only buy into the solution; they are obliged to stick to its recommended bake plans.

To learn more, see the BakePlan website.