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We are the creators of Cybake 4, the ultimate bakery management system for retailers, wholesalers and bakers that do both. Comprehensive, cloud-based and easy to use.

Cybake 4™ – Boost profits, control production, cut costs

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With cloud-based Cybake 4, you can stop struggling with spreadsheets, say goodbye to guesswork and link your back office to your shop floor, your shops, your deliveries and beyond.

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Whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler (or both), easy-to-use Cybake 4 controls everything from orders, invoicing, recipes and production through to purchasing, stock control and deliveries.

Perfect for bakers of all sizes, Cybake 4 offers friendly and reliable support, smooth implementation and pain-free migration from out-of-date software. The result of twenty years’ work with our  customers, the Cybake 4 bakery management system costs as little as £125 per month. Book a demo today!


Make the right fresh food at the best times

Supplied by our sister company BakePlan Software, BakePlan is a production forecasting system that cuts waste, increases sales and improves availability for supermarket bakeries and food-to-go operators.

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SG Systems

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Prevent operator scaling errors and eliminate bad batches with the Formula Control & Lot Traceability System from our partner SG Systems, LLC.

The Ultimate in Batch Control & Paperless Traceability guaranteed to satisfy customer traceability audits.

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