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We are the creators of Cybake, the ultimate bakery management system, sales-based ordering app Instore and the Infood food information solution.


Cybake logoBoost profits, control production, cut costs

Cybake is the market-leading bakery management solution used by British and Irish bakers to adapt, innovate and thrive in today’s tough market. With Cybake, you can stop struggling with spreadsheets, say goodbye to guesswork and link your back office to your shop floor, your shops, your deliveries and beyond.

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instoreCut waste and increase sales with the power of prediction

Cybake Instore™ is a sales-based ordering and production system for retail bakers, supermarket in-store bakeries and food-to-go operators that cuts waste and increases takings.

Instore takes historical sales data direct from EPOS systems to calculate orders and production waves in a way that is not practical manually. Waste is cut and sales are increased as Instore’s predictions are far more accurate than those made by shop managers.

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infood_logo2Food information made easy (FIC/EU No 1169/2011)

Infood ® communicates FIC-compliant allergen and nutritional information to labels, till receipts and websites, plus it generates product specification documents.

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Make the right fresh food at the best times

Supplied by our sister company BakePlan Software, BakePlan is a production forecasting system that cuts waste, increases sales and improves availability for supermarket bakeries and food-to-go operators.

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SG Systems

sgV5 Terminal

Prevent operator scaling errors and eliminate bad batches with the Formula Control & Lot Traceability System from SG Systems, LLC.

The Ultimate in Batch Control & Paperless Traceability guaranteed to satisfy customer traceability audits.

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