Microsoft® SQL Server

RedBlack Software provides a comprehensive Microsoft® SQL Server database and analysis solution, delivering the performance, scalability and reliability that demanding Web and enterprise line-of-business environments require. XML and HTTP support simplify data access and interchange, while powerful analysis capabilities enhance data value. Using these enhanced availability features we are able to maximize uptime, alongside advanced management functions allowing the automation of routine tasks, and with improved programming tools and services speed development.

Query, analyse, and manipulate data over the Web

  • We simplify the integration of back-end systems and data transfer across firewalls using rich SQL Server XML functionality and support for other Internet standards, such as XPath, XSL, and XSLT.
  • Secure database connectivity is used to ensure that data can be queried, through a URL and intuitive user interfaces.
  • RedBlack Software create business-to-business and business-to-consumer Web sites, analysing Web site trends.

Enhanced scalability and reliability features

  • We achieve scalability for mission-critical, line-of-business applications with support for large SMP systems.
  • We are able to improve overall system performance with built-in support for a SAN.

RedBlack Software build applications rapidly, and make sure they stay up and running

  • We centralise, automate and reduce the costs of management using the Microsoft® Windows® Active Directory™ service and Microsoft® SQL Server dynamic self-management and tuning.
  • Robust, scalable database application are delivered rapidly using the improved SQL Server development tools.
  • Improved productivity with T-SQL enhancements.