Microsoft® .NET™

The Microsoft® .NET™ Framework makes the internet a true distributed computing platform, providing a framework that enables computers, devices and services to collaborate.

Microsoft® .NET™ is the Microsoft Web services strategy to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software. Integrated across the Microsoft® platform, Microsoft® .NET™ technology provides the ability to quickly build, deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions with Web services. Microsoft® .NET™-connected solutions enable businesses to integrate their systems more rapidly and in a more agile manner and help them realize the promise of information anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Benefits of Web Services

By enabling applications to share data across different hardware platforms and operating systems, Web services provide many benefits, including:

  • Opening the door to new business opportunities by making it easy to connect with partners.
  • Delivering dramatically more personal, integrated experiences to users through the new breed of smart devices
  • Saving time and money by cutting development time
  • Increasing revenue streams by enabling businesses to easily make their own Web services available to others

RedBlack Software build Microsoft® .NET™ Framework solutions and Web services that can be developed in most programming languages.