RedBlack Software launches Cybake Fi to completely remove FIR-compliance headaches

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014, YORK/LONDON, UK – RedBlack Software today launches Cybake Fi, a new software solution for bakers and other food manufacturers that ensures their compliance with the new Food Information Regulations (FIR).

The new FIR rules (also known under their EU acronym, FIC) start to come into force in December, 2014. To deal with them, Cybake Fi holds ingredient specification data, links it to finished product recipes and transmits the correct FIR-compliant food information to its users’ labels, ePOS tills and websites.

RedBlack is unveiling Cybake Fi (the Fi stands for food information) today at lunch!, the expo for the food-to-go sector at the Business Design Centre, London, which runs from September 23-24.

Jane Tyler, managing director of RedBlack Software, says: “In response to requests from Cybake’s users, we have undertaken 12 months of consultation and development with food industry organisations and experts. The result, Cybake Fi, is the first of its kind and completely removes the headache of FIR compliance.”

Cybake Fi is a cloud-based service delivered via the internet, so it requires no installation. Users can choose between Standard, Retail, Wholesale or Premium versions depending on their operation. Management and staff then access their firm’s food information from any internet-connected device, be it a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Real-time changes are available across all elements of the system and the instant a recipe is altered, users can be confident that the food information that is being provided to their customers is accurate and up-to-date.

Product recipes, allergen lists, nutritional analysis and ingredient declarations are quick and simple to create and readily available to anyone who needs them. A single point of data input means that there’s minimal chance of human error.

All food information can be referred to and checked by production, kitchen and head-office departments with an extremely easy-to-use, easy-to-understand user interface.

Industry-firsts include a unique allergens library provided by the University of Manchester and Checked/Allergen/Nutritional (CAN) traffic-light-style alerts to ensure the compliance of all finished products.

Jane Tyler says: “FIR has created quite a stir in the market. There is confusion and anxiety about how these changes affect firms and what their ramifications may be. To address these questions, we have added a new food information centre to the Cybake website today which aims to clarify what bakers and other players in the food industry need to know.”

Cybake’s new food information centre can be found at: .

Cybake Fi is the latest addition to York-based RedBlack Software’s Cybake suite of solutions. These include the bakery management solution Cybake itself, shop control system Cybake Touch and Cybake Loyalty, its smartphone-based customer loyalty app launched earlier this year.


RedBlack managing director Jane Tyler and sales executive Sarah King demo Cybake Fi at the lunch! expo
RedBlack managing director Jane Tyler and sales executive Sarah King demo Cybake Fi at the lunch! expo


For further information, please contact:

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RedBlack Software
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PR manager
RedBlack Software
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RedBlack Software and Matchbox Mobile launch CyBake Loyalty smartphone-based customer loyalty solution for retail bakers

MARCH 24, 2014, FOODEX, NEC, UK – RedBlack Software has teamed up with Matchbox Mobile to create CyBake Loyalty, a state-of-the-art customer loyalty solution for retail bakers that runs on customers’ smartphones and is launched today at Foodex 2014.

CyBake Loyalty represents the ultimate in regular customer buy-in. After a three-month trial at a chain of coffee shops, 70% of customers were using the mobile app included with the new product.

York-based RedBlack Software is the creator of CyBake, a leading bakery management solution-suite. Matchbox Mobile is a cutting-edge mobile device software developer. Headquartered in Hove, East Sussex, it also has offices in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

CyBake Loyalty does away with the need for card-based loyalty schemes. Instead of physical loyalty cards, which are easily damaged, discarded or forgotten, customers carry and display a virtual card with an app they can download from Google Play, iTunes or Windows Phone Store. Each bakery that installs CyBake Loyalty gets its own app, customised to its own brand.

While customers get handy modern-age loyalty cards on their phones, the CyBake Loyalty app allows bakeries to collect actionable insight data. Check-ins, reward stamps, redemptions and feedback are managed through a central dashboard.

Via the CyBake Loyalty dashboard, bakeries are given the power to run automated campaigns to their customer-base with push notifications and in-app messaging. Prospective clients have already shown great interest in this ability to engage so directly with their customers. The solution also lets bakers easily integrate cross-sales with social media.

As well as enhancing their image with younger customers, bakers can promote offers and new products at the press of a button. CyBake Loyalty users can react to daily trading conditions and attract customers with special short-term offers – to clear stock, for example.

Unlike generic directory-type offerings, bakeries get their own app. As the solution uses QR codes to log transactions instead of relying on customers’ mobile network connections, there are no inconvenient delays at the tills.

The low-cost solution is already proven to embody the ultimate in customer buy-ins. After just three-months at the Ground chain of coffee shops in Brighton and Hove, for example, 70% of customers were using the app and staff were delighted with the results.

Rick Curtis, co-founder of Ground Coffee House, says: “The end product is much better than we ever imagined and really reflects our business. The app is clean, easy to use and highly intuitive, and has been a big hit with our customers.”

No loyalty programme should get in the way of the smooth running of a business. With this in mind, CyBake Loyalty’s developers created an app that works without a data connection. The app’s inbuilt loyalty card tracks the number of times a customer scans a QR code. It then notifies the customer as soon as rewards can be redeemed.

CyBake Loyalty works on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone and is available now from the CyBake sales team at RedBlack Software. RedBlack provides full installation, training and support.

Jane Tyler, managing director of RedBlack Software says: “As well as taking advantage of consumers’ almost visceral relationship with their smartphones, CyBake Loyalty cuts over-the-counter admin and gives you real-time insight. I’ve been really impressed by the energy and precision of the developers at Matchbox Mobile. Together, we have created an industry-specific solution that provides 21st century opportunities to retail bakers of any size.”

Rik Dodsworth, head of product development at Matchbox Mobile, says: “Retailers have long recognised the importance of rewarding customer loyalty within the competitive food-to-go market. While many are operating with paper-based loyalty cards, our smartphone solution has some very strong advantages that really engage the consumer.”

From today, Android phone users can download a demo CyBake Loyalty app for the fictional Tyler’s Bakery. The app can be downloaded for free by visiting Google Play and searching for Tyler’s Bakery or by going to this link:

Versions for iTunes and Windows Phone Store will follow shortly.

The CyBake team, who are exhibiting at stand D317, are offering visitors hands-on demos of CyBake Loyalty throughout the show.

RedBlack Software is offering CyBake Loyalty as an entirely separate product from its CyBake bakery management and CyBake Touch bakery shop management solutions. However, there are added reporting functions within CyBake Loyalty when interfaced with either product. CyBake Loyalty is available to all bakery businesses in the UK and Ireland.


CyBake Loyalty
A CyBake Loyalty app on a smartphone

G. Atherley & Sons modernises with CyBake

FEBRUARY 24, 2014. YORK, ENGLAND – Nottinghamshire wholesale bakery G. Atherley & Sons has installed RedBlack Software’s CyBake bakery management solution.

G. Atherley & Sons was established in 1936 in Farnsfield, a village between Mansfield and Newark-on-Trent. The firm employs 28 staff and delivers to around 70 wholesale customers on a daily basis from its bakery shop in the village. Wholesale customers include schools, local shops, pubs and restaurants.

The business tailors orders to its customers’ requirements and makes around 100 different products each night. Its range includes speciality spelt, GI multiseed, tomato, olive and pumpkin bread as well as a variety of sizes and shapes of loaves and bread rolls.

Jo Atherley, the company’s business manager, says: “We have recently taken over from my husband’s parents who wrote absolutely everything by hand. Looking through 70 wholesale customers every day to see what they wanted and adding it up manually was taking up a lot of time, so we wanted to streamline things.”

With this in mind, the Atherleys set out to find a computerised system to modernise order processing at their bakery.

Jo Atherley says: “We looked at various companies but then, when we had a look at what CyBake could offer, I realised that, actually, they had thought of everything. Everything that I needed, even just some tiny things that may seem small, were in-built within the software, which takes a lot of hassle and headaches away.”

As an example, she highlights the convenience of CyBake’s ability to manage credit notes and standing orders.

Explaining how the company uses its CyBake software on a day-to-day basis, Jo Atherley says:

“We have put all of our wholesale customer orders onto CyBake and, once all those orders are in, it prints us off a production list so the bakers know what to bake. It prints us off a packing list, so our packers know exactly what to send out to where, and it also generates either a delivery note or an invoice to the customer so they have got a copy as well.”

Installation was smooth and Jo Atherley says that she appreciates the work of the CyBake support team.

She says: “If I’ve got a question, big or small, they’re there to help and that is invaluable.”

James and Jo Atherley of G. Atherley & Sons, Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, installed CyBake to streamline order processing.

Team RedBlack to ride Tour de France’s first stage in Etape de Yorkshire charity cycling event

FEBRUARY 13, 2014, YORK, ENGLAND – Staff at RedBlack Software have formed a ten-strong team to ride in Cyclists Fighting Cancer’s 120 mile Etape de Yorkshire event to be held on June 8, 2014.

Team RedBlack will be led by cycling enthusiast Andrew Throup, account manager at the firm. His daily routine already stands him in good stead for the challenge as he cycles a round trip of 27 miles each day to and from the company’s King Street offices in the city centre.

Etape de Yorkshire is a timed but non-competitive sporting event over the route of the first stage of the 2014 Tour de France, which this year will start in Yorkshire. The 120 mile route will go from Leeds to Harrogate via the North Yorkshire moors. Organisers are expecting 1000 riders to take part.

Andrew Throup says: “We’re very excited that the Tour de France is starting in Yorkshire this year. It’s a big thing not just for us but the country as a whole. We invited friends and customers to ride with us at the heart of the action and now we’ve got a ten-man team.”

Cancer has affected Andrew Throup’s family as well as a close friend, which inspired him to get Team RedBlack together and enter the Etape de Yorkshire event. The company has set up a Just Giving webpage to gather donations to Cyclists Fighting Cancer as sponsorship for its team at .

All participants will be kitted out in pro Team RedBlack cycling jerseys which will be emblazoned with the logos of all the companies that are sponsoring the team. RedBlack Software is hosting a reception for team-members and their friends and families after the day’s ride.

Etape de Yorkshire is organised by the charity Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) and the Health and Social Care Information Centre, a government organisation aligned to the NHS, based in Leeds. All proceeds from the event will go to CFC to help the charity with its work with children with cancer across the UK.

Andrew Throup says: “The fact that Etape de Yorkshire is timed but non-competitive means that while the event will appeal to more serious racers, it will also be fun for anyone who takes part. Saying that, Team RedBlack will be hitting the roads in the coming weeks to get some longer rides under our belts, including some hill-training as it’s not a flat route.”

Many colleagues at RedBlack are avid cyclists. The company’s sales-support department was a winner in last year’s York Cycle Challenge, a three-week competition between workplaces in the city. Their prize was to be part of the cycle escort for the Olympic torch as it travelled through York.

Team RedBlack members from the company include senior developer Steve Dickinson who recently completed a coast-to-coast cycle ride over two days, project manager Andrea Duempelmann, keen fell runner and senior developer Chris Roberts, company director Martin Coyle and account manager and team leader Andrew Throup.


Etape de Yorkshire:

Official website for the Tour de France Grand Départ 2014:

Team RedBlack sponsorship/donations:

Team RedBlack riders (from left to right) Steve Dickinson, Andrea Duempelmann, Chris Roberts, Martin Coyle and team leader Andrew Throup.